GHG Audit & Carbon Strategy

GHG Audit & Carbon Strategy

In the face of increasingly stringent carbon constraint, emissions management has become a competitive challenge. A well thought-out, coordinated policy is a relatively minor investment in view of the potential gains (energy savings, optimized industrial processes, anticipated regulation, communication, extra-financial rating). For forward-looking companies, these changes are an opportunity.

ecosur offers a global solution to develop an open-ended carbon strategy in line with your financial performance objectives (cost reduction on high-emissions sources: energy, shipping, travel; industrial processes) and environmental requirements (emission reduction plan, "carbon-neutral" labeling).

Carbon strategy by ecosur

  • Simplicity: from emissions accounting to communicating the actions undertaken, ecosur has positioned itself as a single partner, controlling the entire value chain to offer a quick, efficient, overall solution.

  • Flexibility: the four steps of ecosur solution are designed as autonomous, complementary modules to support you in accordance with your commitments.

We offer a simple and flexible 4 steps solution:

  1. Assess

  2. Reduce

  3. Offset

  4. Communicate


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